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Pretty much anything you love to dip, you can dip into this delectable yammus/sweet potato hummus recipe and I promise you that you will fall in love with it!

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There are still plenty of cookouts and parties to attend this summer, and we’ve got the side dish you must bring: our Creamy Sweet Potato Salad. Healthy and low …

Don’t skip the crispy cereal in this healthy sweet potato toast recipe–it may be only 1 teaspoon but it gives it the most delectable crunch.

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*Most sweet potato cultivars that contain the word “gold” or the word “red” in their title are orange-fleshed varieties. The intensity of the sweet potato’s yellow or orange flesh color is directly correlated to its beta-carotene content.

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In an effort to eat healthier, I modified a family favorite so we could still enjoy it. The rest of the family couldnt even tell the difference! 😉 My changes cut the calories by over 220 per serving (based on 6 servings) and the fat by over 50%!!!

We love sweet potatoes and they are terrific when combined with plain white ones, especially in an old fashioned potato salad. This one has mayonnaise, a bit of mustard, celery, hard-boiled eggs, and a smidgen of chopped onion.

Loaded Sweet Potato Bites | Peace Love and Low Carb

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I found this recipe online in a compilation of crock pot recipes. I have tweaked it heavily to my own dietary needs. This is a lovely creamy soup, but not one with a lot of zing.

This butternut squash cauliflower casserole (healthy low carb sweet potato casserole) tastes like sweet potatoes, but is sugar-free, paleo, keto & whole 30.

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Make perfectly crunchy veggie chips at home with this healthy recipe. Use a mandoline to slice the sweet potatoes extra-thin for the optimum crunch!

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