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Name(s) Image Description; Plain washer (or “flat washer”) A flat annulus or ring, often of metal, used to spread the load of a screwed fastening.Additionally, a plain washer may be used when the hole is a larger diameter than the fixing nut.

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Flat Round Washers. Boker’s is a leading metal stamping manufacturer of flat washers manufactured to your exact standards. We look forward to helping you complete your next flat washer project, providing you with quality custom washers.

Click image for details: CHROME METRIC FLAT WASHER Product ID: 20200 Description: CHROME METRIC FLAT WASHERS,WASHER ARE + OR – .OO4 ON I.D,O.D. AND THICKNESS. Price: $0.88

Flat Washers. Failing to use a washer or using one improperly can cause damage as well as possible danger. Imagine what would happen if you left something as small as a washer out when installing a starter motor on your vehicle.

Nylon Washers. New Process Fibre is unique in several ways. We believe that our ability to provide OEMs with cost-effective and innovative stamping solutions for nonmetallic parts is second-to-none.

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Shop flat washers in the washers section of Lowes.com. Find quality flat washers online or in store.

Why Choose Steel. Flat washers are available in a variety of different materials such as steel, aluminum, plastic, brass, and more. A steel flat washer offers many benefits.

RAF also offers a wide selection of non-metallic washers available in materials such as nylon, Teflon, phenolic, fiber, and others. Request a Quote Today.

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Many thicknesses. Ask about the various properties, applications and capabilities. Low/no lubrication requirement allows anti-friction bearing.

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Nylon Flat Washers. Boker’s is a stamping manufacturer of nylon flat washers. Nylon is one of the most commonly used polymers. Boker’s maintains over 5,000 stock tools for non-metallic flat washers, spacers, and shims.

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