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WebMD explains the role vitamin C plays in preventing and treating the common cold.

Back to the Intactivism index page. PENILE ANATOMY (Highlighted entry-words link to a single picture.). acroposthion (Gk akro = peak, posthe = foreskin) “The visually defining, tapered, fleshy, nipple-like portion of the foreskin that advances beyond the terminus [tip] of the underlying glans penis.

Overview. The prepuce is an integral, normal part of the external genitalia that forms the anatomical covering of the glans penis and clitoris.

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Have you ever been so relaxed in a nice hot shower, only to be blasted by what feels like a sub zero devil water? I know, it seems like your world has come to an immediate end. But next time this happens, don’t be so fast to scream at your GF, and instead embrace the cold. Because this ice cold

A penis (plural penises or penes /-n iː z /) is the primary sexual organ that male s use to inseminate sexually receptive mates (usually females and …

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The average penis size calculator makes use of worldwide average penis length information taken from various sources after moderation/refinement at our own end. While there is no such thing as a normal penis size for human males, the subject of ones penis size versus the average penis size will always remain an interesting and current topic.

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Many people use medicines or remedies that are not part of the traditional medical treatment prescribed by their healthcare provider. Using this type of alternative therapy along with traditional treatments is called complementary medicine.  Alternative remedies can include herbal

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Do you have flu or cold symptoms? Learn more about the two and how to tell the difference.

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Elsa from Frozen inviting you to make snowangels with her. The recorded process of this drawing can be viewed HERE. I might do more Frozen themed work in the future in case you wanted to see more, but next up Ill be returning to the League of Lesbians comic.

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