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Do you love bread? It’s probably the #1 food that people miss the most when it comes to following a low carb diet. There are many keto bread recipes but in our opinion, this is probably the best keto bread substitute ever.

Found this on another low-carb diet website but it works perfect for my South Beach Diet! A wonderful bread substitute! Used it this morning to make french toast and if I didnt know it was wheat free I never would have guessed!

A recipe for psyllium bread based low carb buns with a texture and taste close to wheat based ones. Slice them in half to use as hamburger rolls!

There’s no need to settle for a bun-less burger on a keto diet. It’s easy to make your own low carb hamburger buns for all your summer cookouts!

One of my favorite low carb casseroles right here! The Mexican flavors are so good and this recipe is super simple to make. Okay, friends. …

Low carb hamburger buns are fast and easy to make with fathead dough. So bread-like in texture, they make the perfect hamburger bun or sandwich roll for low carb and keto diets. It’s been a weird Summer for us this year. Not only has it been especially hot, but we had a three week break in the

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Grain-free, paleo, low-carb, keto hamburger buns smothered in and Indian-inspired sloppy joe mix. Made with your choice of turkey, beef or pork.

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Just because you have given up grains doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy hamburgers and sandwiches. These low carb hamburger buns are a great alternative.

These low carb buns are only 1.33g net carb! They are perfect for sandwiches, burgers, toast and so on!

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How To Make Cloud Bread. The steps are very simple, but you have to be quick in order to maintain the fluffy texture that makes these cloud bread buns …

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